M'Finda Kalunga September 14th, 2019
"The Garden At The Edge Of The Other Side Of The World"
At The M'finda Kalunga Community Garden
165 Forsyth Street at Rivington Street Manhattan
Saturday, September 14th, 2019 3-7 PM
From the edge of the other side of the world, wild Africa comes alive!
Superimposed sounds of bird species, elephants, lions and monkeys of the African Congo abound within the garden's site. Designed to startle, engage and enthrall visitors and passersby, this art event is more than mere amusement however -acting as homage and commemorative to the African-American burial ground in which the garden takes it's name.
-M'finda Kalunga-
Translation: "The Garden at the Edge of the Other Side of the World"
Kongo or Kikongo is one of the Bantu languages spoken by the Kongo and Ndundu people 
living in the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola.

From the 2001 SoundScape:
Eclipse The sounds of Summer are superimposed over a Winter's landscape.
M'Finda Kalunga 
Thanks to all who attended and participated in this performance!
Special thanks to:
Ryan Washburn: M'Finda Kalunga Special Events Coordinator
Anthony Feyer: Chief Installer
Bob Umber: M'Finda Kalunga Head Gardener
Gregory Lee Pickard Presents a SoundScape installation
Behold: A non-visual work of art -consequentially equitable to the visually impaired.
Megaptera novaeangliae, "The big-winged New Englander"
On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, the grand wails of the Humpback whale will fill
the bowels of New York City's subway. This premier production of "Whale Song"
will be performed on the J / Z  Bowery station platform from 9 PM until 11 PM.

Whale Song
Crybaby. Coming for the new year!
Whale Song ("Mocumentary")