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                          The Songs of
         Gregory Lee Pickard 
James Brown's Dead
175 Million, 223 Thousand, 510 to One
Featured Demos of the Month
An Existential Voyage... From Adam & Eve -to The Eve of Destruction
Repentance Evolves Into Affirmation of Sin...  -and Ultimately as Glorification of Sin
The Odds of Winning The POWERBALL Jackpot...
A Redefinition of The American Dream?
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.The Man Who Has Everything
Redneck Red & Baby Blue
Ballerina Heaven
Blacks on Blondes
Many seek the kingdom of Heaven,
-But few may enter it's gates
Hammer & Nail
The Way (You Touch My Hand) 1979!
 (The Girl With The) Caddilac Smile
Spiritual inspiration for the man who has "been there and done that".
When the bitterness of life overwhelms, -escape  into the Sweetness ...of Candyland!
Can one man alone satisfy the complex needs of today's woman?
After the fall of Rock 'n Roll  -Seven Stranded Castaways are shipwrecked in a new century.
Indulge in local culinary delights! -while visiting... Indiantown
This nonsensical arrangement of twisted clichés somehow makes perfect sense in a twisted world.
A common man pines for celebrity stature. 
A man falls in love three times in his life.
and each time -with the same woman!
Revelons Live at CBGB. 1979 "Same Song"
From the Revelon's  OMFUG 2019
Ave Maria
.Child  Killer
More from the Country-side...
The most unattainable woman in the world!
A 1950's inspired "Psycho-Country" ditty 'a la Johnny Paycheck / Porter Wagoner
From the Revelon's ANTHOLOGY 1998
Like A Soldier.
And for POP Music Lovers...
Where art thou Gnarls Barkley?

 Inspired by a passage from Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s Slaughterhouse Five
The Almighty Panasonic
Cowboy trades in his horse for a surfboard.
God Less America!
Western Eyes
A Children's Story. 1982
Horsepower! 2008
Bad boys don't go to Heaven
Half Animal -Half Machinery
War In Reverse
This Just In:
Tora! Tora! Tora!     Thank you Mark Suall
Into The Wild
Sinners' Song