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"Every endeavor in this life is more valid than art,
with the possible exception of fashion."

My artwork is comprised of external imagery; physical outward forms.

The primary purpose however is to stimulate the structure of thought.

Like a Zen koan, each work is designed to act as a catalyst...

to provoke, invite questioning and induce contemplation.

Although ultimately conceptual, my work relies greatly upon American, pop-cultural

iconography. The inherent qualities and unique attributes thereof (reference

association, implication and sentiment) are fundamental. Through incongruous

juxtaposition with contrasting elements -a "contextual-interplay" results.

In creating these compositions, I endeavor to remove my self from my art.

Personal opinion, political, religious and social viewpoints are forsaken.

An ambiguous interplay of concepts predominates -a transcendence achieved.

Consequentially, "thought-structure" is the primary representation of my work.

Celebrating 50 years as an emerging artist!
of the straight, white male artist
In Memoriam

As a Lower East side, New York city based "visual" artist, I have been working outside the established mainstream art scene since 1970 creating installations and other works based upon my own “artformation” process. As an artist, I have succeeded in remaining obscure for half a century. As a musician and originator of the Pop-Punk Revelons, I have attained the ostensible reputation of "Unknown Legend" and “Lost talent”.