C R Y B A B Y !

Gregory Lee Pickard Presents a New SoundScape Performance:
It is said that the human species (primates) is the only animal to shed emotional tears.
The act of crying is not discriminatory to race, color, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation, political stance, social position, income level, or one's religious beliefs.
- A universal & uniquely human trait; connecting all humankind.
In the Summer of 2021, a caravan of dedicated child-care workers will transport a precious cargo of aural delight, across 42nd Street, filling the environs of the Times Square vicinity. The "Baby Brigade" consisting of past-their-prime, adult senior citizens will act as escort to this Sound-scape performance. Numerous, 1000 watt Bluetooth enabled audio speakers (clandestinely transported within baby carriages, buggies & strollers) will provide the amplitude for this sound extravaganza. Onlookers & spectators will be encouraged to join in the festivities through Qr (quick-response) coding via smartphones & portable Bluetooth speakers. (Protective earwear will be provided)
To participate in this event, please contact the artist.