""The Revelon's O.M.F.U.G. is an embarrassment of riches, each song more captivating than the last... This is the album the Revelon's were born to make..."" 
                                                  -Crispin Kott, Roll Magazine
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Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers 
A homage to the most desirable, yet unattainable woman in the world, 
Nor do I want to go down to the basement!
A testimonial of a man who has acquired everything,  -yet has achieved nothing.
Unable to conform to social norms, our hero thusly masturbates to the lovers overhead.
This collection of meaningless cliche's makes perfect sense in today's nonsensical world.
The golden road to Heaven can be easily mistaken for locks of platinum blonde hair.
A eulogy for the life & times -and suicide of a punk- porn star.
Seeking ultimate, rock 'n roll stardom, this guitar beckons for abuse and eventual death by overdose.
With all the attributes of man, God seeks out to quench His desires -to learn how to play lead guitar.
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